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...with Dantech® our company has now 100% security that all services are valid


The DL Group A/S started its operations as a privately owned group. At that time the main business consisted of delivering steel structures and cranes for the industry.

When it became a legal requirement to service/inspect all cranes and other lifting equipment in Denmark, a new department was started up to focus on this.

In order to broaden our portfolio, the company Danloeft A/S was bought, who had worked with lifting gear during a decade or so. This acquisition led to Denmark's first one-stop-shop. We could now deliver both cranes and other lifting equipment, as well as manage all services.

The first version of the Dantech system saw the light, after consultation with our customers and the overall experience that existed in the company. The system became an instant success with our own service engineers, both from the administrative and profitability point of view. From our customers we received great praise on the simplified management and administration that the new web portal offered.


The Dantech system was for the first time delivered to another operator on a similar market, with the same immediate success.

The Dantech system was shipped outside of Denmark for the first time. The work on the Dantech Partner concept was also started now.

The Dantech system is moved to a new platform, and made
more flexible for other industries than just the crane/lifting/loading. It is now suitable for any industry that has a fixed-term on-going maintenance with documentation requirements from both the authorities and demanding customers.

Sales are now available in 17 European countries.